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Re: Declined antibiotic for Group B & regretted it?

Originally Posted by holly6737 View Post
Count me into the group who has also seen babies die of GBS sepsis, one from a homebirth transport. I cultured out GBS with this pregnancy after a urine culture and I am happily taking the antibiotics.

That said, please do not shoot hibiclens up your vagina. I dont' know why people would think that antibiotics in labor would be BAD and yet shooting hibiclens up your vagina is GOOD. That's not going to do anything other than give you bacterial vaginosis. Again, do NOT shoot hibiclens up your vajayjay. It's a bad idea all the way around.
There have been studies that show that hibiclens is just as effective as antibiotics so saying that it's not going to do you any good and will only do harm probably isn't very accurate. Plus there have been plenty of studies on hibiclens and plenty that say it should be a considered treatment option so I feel comfortable in saying the assumption that hibiclens is going to do nothing but give you BV is fear mongering.

At least with hibiclens the damage done to the body in terms of decreasing beneficial bacteria is only limited to a specific area, not the whole body. And it's not contributing to antibiotic resistant bacteria problems.

There are plenty of valid reasons to not be a fan of antibiotics in labor and valid reasons to be a fan of hibiclens in labor. You may not agree but even though I don't agree with the blanket antibiotics for everyone mindset I can still see the other side. You do realize that taking antibiotics can give you BV too right?

Originally Posted by raisingcropsandbabies View Post
I'm not saying this to cause trouble, but take it from someone who was in the small statistics for other things...

It's easy to talk about the low risk of something occuring until it happens to you. I would never hope anything to happen to anyone; if it does it can completely shatter your world. Being that statistic is horrible and the guilt that can come from that is rough, knowing there was prevention. I know I didn't fully understand until I was a small percentage.

There was a baby in town that died from gbs and she did not recieve antiobiotics. Is the statistic for the chance of that happening low because of the antibiotics???

I understand that it's all about your being comfortable about your risk to benefit ratio of procedures and it's your call. Just keep in mind that choices have consequences sometimes that will last a lifetime. That goes for everything.

As for the asking about infant probiotics... we used Klaire-Labs Ther-biotics for my newborns after the c-sections. 1/4 of a teaspoon per dosage. Can be mixed with breastmilk, formula, or food. Also placed on the finger and I've kind of swabbed it in the baby's mouth before they drink. It's in the mid-20 dollar range, but worth it!!! Got my baby's poos and all right on track again.
The routine use of antibiotics is a more recent phenomenon. The numbers were very low before antibiotics as well. Those numbers have gone down significantly since universal treatment to all GBS + women began but picking at risk patients and only treating those women also caused the numbers to significantly go down as well.

From the research I have done on the matter. Antibiotics help decrease cases of GBS + infections but have not helped in decrease deaths from GBS.
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