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Originally Posted by ecomama90
I know some of my American momma friends use an internet program that they pay I believe $9/month that allows them to fill out customs forms online and then USPS picks up their packages at their home with your regular mail if you schedule a pick up. For some it may not be worth it but I guess for them $9 beats having to lug their babies to the PO with them. I'm not sure if the actual shipping is cheaper or not, though it might be just like paypal so a little bit cheaper. Just tell the buyer that the tracking number only tracks up until customs and you aren't responsible for it after that (most Canadian mommies don't know that and that's where the problems often start, where the tracking says "Florida" for example for weeks when in reality the item is close to being delivered up in Canada). If they want full tracking to their door they can pay for that shipping. I'm a Canadian momma and for more expensive items I often pay the higher shipping just for the tracking, if it's not that expensive I just go with regular priority international and I've never *knock on wood* have a problem with receiving packages from the US. It just takes a while sometimes. I've had packages show up in 1 week and sometimes it takes a month. Sorta hit or miss.
Saying you aren't responsible after it hits the border doesn't mean you aren't responsible. That's the chance you take with international shipping. Whether the package arrives or not, they can file as not received and they WILL get a refund from PayPal unless the seller can prove delivered status. So you either take the chance or shell out for actual delivery confirmation to protect your hide.

In reference to the PP, I've never heard of mamas having to pay extra expenses Unless your DH works for the PO, I'd go by what they say as opposed to his opinion

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