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Re: shipping to Canada

Originally Posted by Hillargh View Post
Saying you aren't responsible after it hits the border doesn't mean you aren't responsible. That's the chance you take with international shipping. Whether the package arrives or not, they can file as not received and they WILL get a refund from PayPal unless the seller can prove delivered status. So you either take the chance or shell out for actual delivery confirmation to protect your hide.

In reference to the PP, I've never heard of mamas having to pay extra expenses Unless your DH works for the PO, I'd go by what they say as opposed to his opinion

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hahahahaha... thanks. He worked for a small business a few years back that sold very expensive instruments (more than a quarter of a million dollars, US) and I know they freaked when things got stuck in customs, who wouldn't a small business or otherwise... but these are used items- not worth much (as the world market goes), so I thought it would be different.

But I do get his point that something is being sold- not sent as a gift. And I'd never seen it addressed here.

My thanks to you for responding!
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