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Re: ~~Monkey Butt Soap Bits~~Liquid Wipes Solution~~Baby Baff Bars~~

Hello fans! I increased my sale from 15% to 20% starting today. Sale has a new code! Use the code HOLI when checking out. I am slowly feeling better so I am hoping that this weekend I can whip up some Snow Angels (Vanilla/Buttercream/Mint) Baby Baff Bars to list for next week. Now is a good time to do flat rate orders and get yourself lots of goodies because I rarely do a 20% off sale. I will also be making more Lotion Bars in Aloe Vera and Cucumber, Sweet Candy Fluff and Rock Star this week. I still have not ordered new scents. Things have been crazy this week with me not feeling well. I will post when I make new items though! Happy Shopping for the holidays!

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