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Re: EC & Cloth Diapers?

I didn't like the gdiapers. They always leaked for us. I did use the g-diaper disposable inserts in flip diaper covers, and that worked except my son got bad rashes (probably because of the way that the gdiaper disposable absorbed liquid and then rubbed him - I don't think it was an allergy thing).

I eventually gave in and got regular disposables - Naty Naturecare diapers are cheaper than gdiapers if you order from amazon, environmentally friendly, and my son didn't react as badly. We use those when we are on vacation and don't have access to laundry machines.

Flip covers+prefolds or flip inserts worked much better than g-diapers for us. Even flip covers+gdiaper cloth inserts worked better than gdiaper covers+inserts. And flip covers with snaps go great over disposables once your baby learns how to take them off. And flip covers come in cuter colors.
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