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Re: I'm tired of thinking I might be pregnant.

I would love to get off of BC pill all together. I just can't though.

I also haven't had any trouble with the pill, and the only reason in the past I worried I was pregnant is because I was still breastfeeding and AF didn't come at all! I've only had AF back since June or July (got prego with my last baby in 2010)!

Unfortunately, I'm unable to take any other sort of hormonal BC pills because I have migraines, along with vision problems, vomitting and numbness when I'm pregnant. Due to that, it is "safe" for me to take the mini pill, but not other hormonal BC, since my migraines are due to hormones.

I have thought about FAM or NFP but I fear that is not a wise option for us, we get pregnant VERY easily.
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