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Re: Declined antibiotic for Group B & regretted it?

Count me into the group who has also seen babies die of GBS sepsis, one from a homebirth transport. I cultured out GBS with this pregnancy after a urine culture and I am happily taking the antibiotics.

That said, please do not shoot hibiclens up your vagina. I dont' know why people would think that antibiotics in labor would be BAD and yet shooting hibiclens up your vagina is GOOD. That's not going to do anything other than give you bacterial vaginosis. Again, do NOT shoot hibiclens up your vajayjay. It's a bad idea all the way around.

Not wanting to start a debate...I have also been present at births where baby contracted GBS and died. (I am also a midwife) I take it very seriously. I am also a mom who consistently for many births tested GBS positive. However, that being said...there is a good sized body of European studies showing the effectiveness and safety of using Hibiclense. I have even had some Drs agree with me on this and I have used it personally for a number of my hospital births. I have only had 1 pediatrician insist that I was not treated and keep me for an extended time. It is diluted to a specific amount and I have never had any type of irritation or BV issues form using it. I would not advise using it fully concentrated...not smart.

I do think that the reason it has not been studied in the US is simply because there is no funding for a simple low-med/tech solution, not because it is ineffective.
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