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Re: shipping to Canada

Originally Posted by c&w's mama View Post
so, my DH keeps telling me I need to pay tarriffs and taxes because I am exporting/selling goods into Canada... they're used dipes, for goodness sakes! how hard can this be?! how do I figure that out? I have looked at the USPS site, I have the customs forms, I'm usually pretty good at figuring things out... what do you guys do to keep transactions on the level and not get things stuck in customs?
No no, the person on the receiving end pays any tarriffs/taxes/customs fees, not the exporter. If I order something larger from the US I get hit with them occasionally. It usually has to be 30+ dollars in value before it even gets looked at for that kind of thing.

Things do take a while to clear customs occasionally. I could be in the US in about 2 hours on the highway, but expect that things shipped to me will take 2-3 weeks on average, sometimes a week, sometimes 4-5 weeks. It's pretty random.
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