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Re: shipping to Canada

Originally Posted by Hillargh View Post
I think you'd have to have a prettttty rare GM or some bomb woolies to rank in comparison to those items LOL
I just read that to DH and I'm still laughing... bomb woolies ...

Originally Posted by croth7 View Post
I had a package get lost that I was shipping to the US. I called Canada Post after 4 to 6 weeks and they asked me for some information found on my receipt. They advised me that I would need to wait 75 days prior to an investigation being open. After the 75 days, I called back and they did a search for the package. I received a letter in the mail a week later and they told me that I would be receiving a cheque for the amount/declared value (filled out on the custom form) for the item. Less than a week later I received a cheque for the item that was lost from Canada Post.

I hope this helps. The 75 days is a really long wait though.
great info... I am definitely filing this thread away for future ref.

Originally Posted by Computermama View Post
No no, the person on the receiving end pays any tarriffs/taxes/customs fees, not the exporter. If I order something larger from the US I get hit with them occasionally. It usually has to be 30+ dollars in value before it even gets looked at for that kind of thing.

Things do take a while to clear customs occasionally. I could be in the US in about 2 hours on the highway, but expect that things shipped to me will take 2-3 weeks on average, sometimes a week, sometimes 4-5 weeks. It's pretty random.

Lightbulb!! mama! just what I needed!

now I feel like I can ship with confidence- thanks all!
a happy mama with
thanks DH
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