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Oh no I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. that's so scary! I've never heard of that kind of breast cancer. I actually got tested (as long as my insurance approves it) for the breast cancer gene since my mom had it. I haven't gotten results back but it makes me nervous. I hope everything turns out okay with your friend

What is it that concerns you specifically about Toby? I bet you're right and that he is just developing more verbally right now, but if its worrying you, bring it up! In my area we have really great early intervention programs and you could always have him evaluated to see if his delays are significant enough to warrant some kind of intervention. I know what you mean about not worrying as much with the 2nd child! I think now you already know what to worry about and have someone to compare to so it just makes you more aware. Lol

That is the worst when you get sick back to back. As soon as you think you're getting to feeling better you get hit with something else. I hope you guys get some rest this weekend! I can't imagine having to leave them to go to work and also working then coming home and taking care of sick babies. You're tough mama!!

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