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Re: The 25lb Challenge October thread

I have been wanting to recommend a book, but I am hesitant because it is religious. It helped me refocus my goals, and it does help when I want to emotionally eat.
I changed my goals from weight loss to sticking to my diet, and from numbers to being active 4 days out of 7. I work on a busy medical floor, three days right now, so I actually have to run on the fourth day. I feel good about being able to stick with this, and when I gained and did not loose I stuck to it. I had never done that before.
Anyway the book address the fruit of the spirit and that self control is one of them. I had never considered weight loss to be spiritual, more the opposite with vanity and such.
I really hope I have not offended, it is not my intent to rock our wonderful thread. For those that may find it useful, I wanted to post, but the other side of the coin is where I hesitate.
CS Lewis says Christians should not discuss their differences in the presence of nonbelievers, only the uniting things. I have to agree. We mean well, but often end up looking like something I would want to run from.
Anyway the book is by:
It is by Candace Cameron Bure, from Full House, the title is "Reshaping it All."
I hope I can recommend it and if we all want to discuss it, we do it briefly and move on.
It made such a difference in my attitude towards weight loss though....

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