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Originally Posted by romansmommy View Post
Thank you for sharing this point of view!!

I'm due in Dec and have struggled with my choice for a repeat c/s. DS1 was only 8lbs 7 oz but presented in the same way as your first and sunny-side up. After 36 hrs of labor and 3 hrs of pushing, he was born by c/s with finger marks all over his head from where my MW tried to manually turn him between contractions. This time around, I have GD and an umbilical hernia that NEEDS repaired and my OB feels like I have too many things stacked against me for a successful VBAC although she is willing to let me do a TOL. Unfortunately I am terrified of being another "failure" and going through that torture again only to end up in the OR so I've pretty much opted for the repeat c/s but still keep second guessing myself. I dealt with MAJOR guilt and shame after DSs delivery as I'm the only one in my family to not have an unmedicated natural birth and no one really understood the rough recovery I had. I think, for me, choosing a repeat c/s this time and having time to plan accordingly will at least let me feel somewhat in control of my birth and focus on a healthy baby and self regardless of the delivery method.

OP-best of luck!!! I hope you get the birth that you want and a healthy LO!
((big hugs)). I had a natural, unmedicated homebirth with my 1st and it ended traumatically. Sometimes it's not what it is chalked up to be. My 3 c-sections have been more peaceful and resulted in healthier babies. It is hard for women who've never experienced c/s to understand that you are still doing tons of work for your baby... their work is before the baby comes with labor and our work is after with recovery. It can be bothersome when others view the c/s as "the easy way out". That recovery business is tough stuff!
I had my umbilical hernia repaired during my last c-section! I also have a music playlist that is relaxing and calms me down and warms up the O.R. You can talk with your doctor about kangaroo care when the baby comes. SOme are willing to let the baby stay in the OR with you the whole time and some docs will let you hold the baby too (with some help). I had some issues during the last one and DH had to take Baby Girl with him to the nursery, but I did get to touch her cheek and kiss on those cheeks a bit before that. It was really sweet.
I was also more prepared with coordinating help after my last 2 c/s babies were born (the other c/s was more of a wait and see what will happen). And I was also more prepared by making freezer meals and being ready for post-op recovery (the house was better set up, food was arranged, etc).
So there are perks to knowing what will happen too. That said, I also fully support women who want to VBAC (esp. if you are wanting a large family). I've had some issues from multiple c-sections and it's making me and, especially, my DH struggle with the thought of a 5th child.
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