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Numommy I think you sharing took lots of courage. I believe that if there is anything we can do in the journey and it works is worth a look.

When it comes to emotional eating their is a second thing we have to look at and this is not the food. It's not that your starving yourself from eating but rather starving your feelings. I don't talk about emotional eating a lot because I don't believe I do it, however my husband has told me I do. The one thing I did was to allow he feelings you can't eat them away, they come back, you can't hide from them, they find you. I have found if I feel it either writing it in a journal (which many therapist recommend doing when on a weight loss journey because of emotional eating habits) or I cry an feel them. It helps by giving over to my feeling and then after a good cry and feeling it I take control again. I remind myself that I am worth the good I am doing. When we emotional eat we undo all the good we have been doing and telling out brains and bodies we are not good enough this continuing the cycle.

I hope you who emotional eat find harmony and look into help overcoming it. Emotional eating has the emotional side and may need more than a diet to fix. Until emotions are handled over eating and the like will continue to control and the cycle cannot be broken. In order to change you have to brake the cycle and this is not easy.

I know you all have it in you to do this. I know you all are strong and encouraging. You all have the power to beat your inner beast.

Much loves.
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