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Re: How much do you spend on maternity clothes?

To be honest I'm really cheap about buying myself clothes, and DH and I only really buy clothes for ourselves if we really need stuff. DS on the other hand...LOL

So my first pregnancy, I got some used stuff from cosignment sales that didn't have much of a selection and I couldn't try things on, etc. Some of it was ugly, but it was cheap and I figured I wouldn't be using it that long so what did it matter. Ugh. It was awful for my self imagine and much of it was very unflattering, uncomfortable, and not much of a selection to choose from.

so THIS TIME, DH said spend they money and buy some clothes for yourself. Who knew most department stores don't have maternity at all anymore or a VERY small selection?? I was so shocked. So finally we tried Macy's at the mall and they had a ton of motherhood maternity stuff that was nice. I bought three shirts, got one free, for a little over a hundred with tax. But I'll wear them a ton so it'll be worth it. A friend gave me 3 pairs of pants that fit, but the shirts were all size small and medium and don't fit well or comfortably, and they are summer shirts anyway. Thus Why I bought the shirts at Macy's. I will probably buy a few more things over the coming months to be honest. I want clothes to wear this year and with holidays, etc coming up, I need decent things to wear.
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