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Re: Anyone here have a csection due to HELLP?

I did, but it didn't develop until just over 38 wks (DS was 10 days early). It was a scary miserable (because I was so scared, sick, and have virtually no memory of DS's first 24 hrs once we were back in the L&D room) experience, the mag was AWFUL as I'm sure you experienced. We are 15 wks with our second (due in April) so right now it's just a waiting game. I am using the same OB, I figure they took good care of me and DS the first time so why not trust them this time. Hopefully I do not have to reevaluate that line of thinking. We were on the high risk floor for the entire stay with DS. My dr said we would not be on the high risk floor for this one unless there was a problem, but I personally don't care which floor we deliever on - as long as they keep us safe.

She did not express any concern that it would repeat itself, and said there isn't much you can do to prevent it, so just take good care of myself and we'll take things as they come. We are currently planning on a medicated hospital VBAC (natural folk need not critique ) but if a c-section happens, it happens. I don't have any feelings one way or the other and I don't get "labor disappointment" based on how baby comes out of me. It's all natural and the same to me if I grew the baby for 9 months and it comes out of my vagina or my belly or my nose! I would hate to have to repeat the mag and c-section recovery, but beyond that......

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