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Re: shipping to Canada

Originally Posted by c&w's mama View Post
so, my DH keeps telling me I need to pay tarriffs and taxes because I am exporting/selling goods into Canada... they're used dipes, for goodness sakes! how hard can this be?! how do I figure that out? I have looked at the USPS site, I have the customs forms, I'm usually pretty good at figuring things out... what do you guys do to keep transactions on the level and not get things stuck in customs?
It's the Canadian recipient who pays the additional customers fees and taxes. We can get hit pretty hard, actually (if you've ever wondered how much Canadian mamas actually end up paying for an item from the US, in addition to the exchange rate ). If the seller lists the value on the forms as $20 or less for a purchase, or lists it as a gift up to $60, then the recipient won't be assessed additional fees when it gets here. The standard information on the packages I receive is "used diapers" with a value of $10.

Before anyone jumps on me about the legality of listing as a gift rather than a purchase, please consider 1. I'm simply giving information and you all have free will 2. I've never, ever, ever heard of customs cracking down on inaccurate paperwork on small used diaper shipments 3. Canadians are constantly expected to pay more for the exact same products as our American friends, then further exploited by outrageous Canada Post rates, and it all gets very tiresome indeed. Compare some of the prices and selection on vs., or Canadian vs. American BRU, if you have free time.
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