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Re: Irritated with family!

I've no hassle from my family about CDing or natural delivery, but I have from plenty of other people. I've been told I'm crazy and that moms of newborns have to much to do to worry about washing diapers (Uh, really, cause using my modern washing machine takes up soooo much time???? I do laundry on a very regular basis anyway, what's the big deal?). I had one friend get really pissy about it on FB and the thing was, I hadn't criticized him or his wife at all for using disposables. Defensive much?

I received disposables at my baby shower and formula feeding supplies from someone else. Even though these people knew my plans. I love proving people wrong, so it just inspires me to try that much harder with my plans!

The thing is, my family is very supportive of CDing, breastfeeding, and natural childbirth, but I still get crap about plenty of other stuff. My mother INSISTS that it is stupid to get anything in newborn sizes. I had a bunch of newborn stuff given to me, I actually didn't buy any of it. But my mother insists it is a waste and I should get rid of it all, since all of her babies were 8+ pounds. She really doesn't believe babies come any smaller. My husband and his brother were well less than 6 pounds, full-term. My hubby is a small guy. I'm shortish and my weight is normal. My mother was morbidly obese and had untreated gestational diabetes - we might have all been much smaller than 8 pounds if it weren't for that. So, it isn't outside of the realm of possibility that I will have a 6 or 7 pounder. Mom was actually pissy when I told her that DS measured at the 30th percentile on my ultrasound! So, if it isn't CDing, it's something else for people to give you crap about!
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