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Re: stroller use vs babywearing

I prefer to babywear vs using a stroller for a couple of reasons. Number one is that I live in a raised ranch with no garage so I have to store the stroller in the house, and that means lugging it up or down stairs. My front entrance is on the landing and is JUST big enough for the door, it's a total PITA and one of the things I would change in this house if I could. I live in a small city, within walking distance of the only mall (yep, so small there's only one mall) and take public transportation to anywhere else I have to go, which means lugging a stroller onto the bus and juggling baby while I fold and stow it. If I wear her, I can just walk out the door, and walk onto the bus. Easy peasy. She also tends to be happier when I wear her vs ride in the stroller, which helps. Once we get going if it's someplace I can walk to, the stroller is easier and carries my stuff as well as baby (big graco stroller), but for many of the places I have to get to when DH is at work (I don't drive) babywearing is far less hassle.
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