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Re: What would you do?

Originally Posted by mommy2kaitlyn View Post
She does lose things a lot including a pair of glasses. They were probably dropped in the garbage and she didn't notice. Table is right by out that she put the glasses on.

My punishment yes I think it needs is no ToTing. She had two options to get it back find the costume otter pay me for the costume then go costume less. Her previous costume is to small and in KY.
She is not passed by the loss. Just said I took it out. Which is just nuts.

Alisha I know how to spell my Samsung Galaxy S2 does not.
Well I think a lot of us dont believe in "punishment" persay more like natural consequences, and if it were me, Id say you can go tot'ing if you make your own costume.

Are there any extenuating circumstances for her losing things a lot?
Like I have adhd and I lose things ALL the time, my son has it and does too.
It sucks.

I would contact the teacher see if she has any input.

I havent gone to a school where they allowed kids to wear costumes during the school day in a long time.

Our school had a monster mash costume party friday evening, it was crazy crowded ugh.

My son picked out a costume and then decided he didnt want to wear it because he was embarrassed by it. I am like I *asked* for sure for sure if thats what you wanted (stay puft marshmallow man from ghostbusters).
So he wore last years costume, but says he will probably wear his new one just w/the fan turned off (it comes w/a fan that puffs up the costume, we think it's neat and funny, ds doesnt appreciate the humor at all).
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