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Originally Posted by Geckmumto3
Well, I would call the teacher/send a note to the teacher to ask if DD can have a look around. I would encourage DD to check where she had been that day to make sure it was truly lost. Once hope was given up, I would encourage her to find something that we already own.

Depending on the kid and how responsible or irresponsible she generally was, I would give more or less help and support in finding it and or creating a new costume. I would not be buying anything new, no matter what, though.
This. I dont feel like its a punishment though, just natural consequences for a not great decision.

Eta:, I would let her tot if she comes up with her own costume I think not letting her go at all is a little harsh. especially since you don't know exactly what happened. Unless of course she is refusing to come up with a costume for herself. Then, I would say no toting

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