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Re: Did low iron/severe anemia change your birth plan?

Originally Posted by SugarBooger View Post
I was severely anemic with my 3rd pregnancy. I was originally planning a homebirth, but due to insurance, I switched to using a midwife at a hospital. Although I was disappointed when I had to switch, I always say it was "meant to be," because I almost bled to death and there were some complications related to the anemia that I'm glad I was in the hospital for, just in case. The midwives were able to get it under control after a while, but I'm glad I was there. (And I love that they let me keep the baby just laying on my tummy, connected to the umbilical cord, the whole time and didn't take her away. It helped me stay calm. )

Do you live very close to a hospital? If not, you might want to consider a midwife and a hospital birth, just in case. It was still everything I dreamed of in a natural birth, just not at home.
I am glad everything worked out for you!

Anemia can cause bleeding issues, so this is why it is a necessary evil for a severely anemic pregnant woman to birth in a hospital, and why midwives typically transfer the care of anemic patients. In your case, a midwife may have helped you bring your iron up before birth, but if they couldn't get it high enough, you probably would have risked out of a himebirth and wound up in a hospital anyway.

This post is all out if order. Hope it makes sense. I am on my tablet. Lol
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