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Thanks! I still have to find a permanent place to put one, but it seems like there is some interest

As for Toby, I worry most because by this age Quinn had caught up and was packing in weight. But Toby is only in 5-10 for weight and 10-25 for height. He is a super picky eater. The only think I can consistently get him to eat is bread with peanut butter and any kind of meat. That and just how slowly he is to do anything physical. He is finally choosing to walk around more than scooting (never crawled), but he is still very timid about it. I take him to Gymboree each week and he is doing my children better with climbing since we started. I am trying to walk the line between being paranoid and ignoring a true problem. My friends think he is just focusing on verbal and cognitive development over physical and that he will catch up in his own time. I just want to do what us best for Toby and not keep comparing him to Quinn.

Sorry for the novel...this is what happens when I stay up too late!

How are your LO's? You have 2 also, right? (I'm mobile and can't see signatures)!
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