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Re: Homeschooling?

Each state is very different in what they require of the virtual schools. We did it for two years, and it was obvious the state was coming down on the virtual schools and requiring more involvement of the teachers, though this felt cumbersome instead of helpful. I felt like the curriculum was great, and offered a wonderful education (we used a virtual school that used the curriculum package), but it was just too much busy work. The amount of writing seemed overboard and it turned into DD1 doing the least amount of effort possible just to get done with it.

Keeping up with the given due dates and lesson plan doesn't allow for you to explore into interesting things. Like DD1 was learning about Egypt and the museum had a traveling exhibit on Egypt, but we felt like we couldn't take a day away from our lessons to go. I also wanted to choose our books myself, and I felt like I didn't have time for our religion lessons because her day was so full with her secular studies.

Anyway, I thought it was great to get started out, and still recommend it to parents that want to homeschool but don't feel confident in themselves yet. Some people use it all the way through their homeschool years, but it wasn't for us.
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