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Re: Lotto- FFS Alva Pocket Diaper

Originally Posted by keen1981 View Post
Awesome deal!

But I'm confused- you were carrying new diapers- they were stolen and then recovered?

Or your other stash was stolen- but you had new ones the whole time? And you can now spare new ones cause your 8 for each kid was plenty? Lol. Sorry- I am so confused...

But it's a great lotto! Have fun!
My recently bought ones( 13 girls (alva/sunbaby lot from armywifebethany), and 8of his/hers of 12 i had purchased from a b/s/t group for my son, "the new stash" of my 25( was what i had in my bag, which was all dumped out like another mama said they would probably do when they didnt find anything they wanted, these were the ones i had extra i was selling the 6 alvas. i had 25, 16 were in the bag about 5 or 6 of those were dirty in my wetbag, the 6 alvas were just extras i had i was selling because 25 was plenty. so i only had 9 left, then the 6 new ones, do you understand?
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