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Re: Lotto- FFS Alva Pocket Diaper

(1) What's the worst thing that has ever happened to you since you have been cloth diapering?

Wow, where do I begin? I haven't cloth diapered for a while, but now that I am pregnant with #2 I will be again.

I have had a lot of good experiences and a lot of bad. The worst thing that happened to me was attempting to build up my stash and dealing with some bad mommas. There was one that was a WAHM and took a bunch of orders and then never fulfilled them. The worst part of this was when I filed a claim with Paypal she apparently had A LOT of claims against her. I never got my money back. Also, when I sold a lot of my stash I had a mom who got rude with me over a FFS lot of cloth liners. I had somehow miscounted and had less than I thought. Which as a buyer I would have been okay with getting less of something for free than what I thought. I had like 50 or so of them and she was really rude about it. But anyway, most experiences with fellow CD'ers have been great.

Another bad thing that happened were a lot of blowouts while figuring out what worked best for me. The old Fuzzi Bunz, the Bummis covers, and any other brand that does not have leg gussets. It was just a learning experience for me. Now I am back and there are apparently 100's of new brands of cloth diapers out there and I am frustrated as ever!!!
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