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Re: Dave Ramsey Support Thread Oct 29 - Nov 4

Paid off a credit card last week. I also became a 31 bags consultant since it goes well with my organizing business (that I started earlier this year and haven't been able to do much with).

I either get paid next Friday, or the Monday after. Since the 10th falls on a Saturday, I don't know if we get paid the day before or the day after. Looking forward to getting that check so that I can pay off CC3 and throw a chunk at CC1.

STBXH and I are splitting the cost of a gift for FIL. It's pretty pricey, but I have Amazon gifts cards and credit card rewards saved up, and since we are buying it from Amazon, my half of the gift will be cut in half I normally don't spend so much on one person for any holiday, but FIL has been wanting one of these things for years, and I really wanted to get him something nice in appreciation for everything that he does for me and DS.
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