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Re: What would you do?

Originally Posted by NYCVeg View Post
If she is "always" losing things because of a possible clinically-diagnosable attention disorder, then the idea of punishing her by taking away trick-or-treating seems even less reasonable.
Let me get this right? It is ok to reward someone because they have a medical condition but did something wrong? BTW I have ADD myself!
I know for a fact that my DD will not learn a thing if she is allowed to her. She doesn't even care about the costume at the moment except to trick or treat. She tried to bribe me with the idea of no costume to get to go. So obviously she is ok with that. She brought that up this morning, my mom had suggested it and she must have over heard it or something.

I guess I may be a little unreasonable here to most here obviously. I was wondering what others would do and I get that. I do appreciate it.
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