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Re: Lotto- FFS Alva Pocket Diaper

(2) As a new mama recently back in the States after living in the South Pacific, I KNEW I wanted to CD but was so clueless. I didn't stumble across sites like this until long after I had already gotten my stash -- a whole rainbow of "the Cloth Diapering Gold Standard" Perfect Size FuzziBunz (XS-M). Yeah, you know where this is headed.

We made it through the XS no problem. We started our little one in the smalls around 3.5 months. I had a stash of 18 (too many, by the way) and wound up submitting warranty claims for OVER HALF of those. The question wasn't if the diapers would leak, it was when and how much.

At first, FuzziBunz would just send me a new diaper if I submitted proof of purchase and images of the defective diaper. No problem -- swapped a handful this way and still they were subpar, leaking or delaminating. Then, FuzziBunz told me I had to start mailing them my defective diaper, me paying to ship and insure the package. Finally, I had it out with one of their managers and she agreed to ship me a full stash of OS Elite (I said forget it to more Perfect Size Smalls), which would include a postage-paid label to ship my defective stash back.

Though we haven't had much in the way of problems with the OS Elite, and therefore had somewhat of a peaceful resolution, I cannot believe the headache I went through just because, naive me, chose what seemed a very legitimate, "gold standard" cloth diaper.

HA! Even if I don't win, that felt good to get off my chest. I wonder if there are more FuzziBunz stories like mine? I know that the company got a lot of flack with its recent Shark Tank appearance.

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