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Re: What would you do?

Originally Posted by Anna0623 View Post
It might be that your dd left her halloween costume because she did not want to wear it. my dd is only 4 but already she has begun to hide shirts and jeans she does not like/they are not sparkly or shinny enough under her bed so that she does not have to wear them. I only help her clean her room once a week, check under her bunk beds etc, and thats when i find the clothing she does not like.
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a girl but this post sure makes me thankful for my 3 boys!

OP, I totally understand trying to teach her something, I really do BUT I have a really hard time with this. ToT is once a year. She IS a child. She probably won't want to go in a couple years and this part of her childhood is over. It makes me sad to think she won't get to go over a costume. If you feel the need to have her 'pay' somehow then can you make her work off the cost of the costume and tell her to get creative because you won't be buying one now or even next year? I'm not sure what your religious views are but sometimes (in my family) we choose to show our children grace. We all screw up, we all sin, and yet God shows us grace, gives us second, third, fourth or more chances, yes there are natural consequences but there is also love and grace. Please let your dd go ToTing. Maybe have her donate half her candy to one of the collection sites to send overseas for our military or something. One day she will look back on this, probably when she is facing a similar situation with one of her own kids. Will she remember that she was punished and was forced to stay home or will she have memories of walking down the street, hand in hand with her mama in their matching black cat costumes...ah grace, I hope my kids have more memories of that for sure.
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