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Originally Posted by JCPACandMommy
AFM: Had my HGC redrawn today and down from 11,000 to 5,389... Will do another pill of Leucovorin tomorrow and then a redraw on Weds again an then schedule an US follow up to get the plan for my next BFP! I really hope it doesn't take 17 months like this last one did just to lose both....I am healing well physically hardly any pain and emotionally I think I am doing well...Just ready for the next step and get that BFP and little Bean in my arms! KWIM (as if you don't!)
I don't think it will take 17 months this time. You know not to do any of the treatments you started out with 17 months ago because they didn't work. You start out this time with an edge of wisdom, KWIM? It took us a long time with ds, and a LOT of trial and error. When we started ttc #2, I picked right back up on the meds I left off on with jake. I had to add a little bit (mostly because I wasn't eating low glycemic this time around), and it took much less time to conceive. I hope we are both only taking a pit stop back in this thread (although you ladies are NEVER gonna get rid of me- I will go through withdrawal and need to be medicated. The idea of my phone BATTERY dying when I'm out of the house freaks me out, let alone voluntarily leaving. I am a cheerleader for life, with breaks of climbing into the madness to struggle ttc here and there).
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