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Re: Recommendations??

I'm anti-workout myself. Unless it's in a group & I'm halfway being forced, it doesn't happen lol And the only reason it happens then is b/c I'm so stubborn & I don't want to look like I can't do something.

The best thing I've found to do is find a way to workout that doesn't seem like working out - like we went mushroom hunting in the woods here & I walked a couple miles, I'm sure. Didn't think of it as a workout b/c I didn't set out to do one. Same thing with chores outside or inside - things like helping DH with stacking firewood, line drying laundry, playing catch with the kids or frisbee with the dog, etc. I try to make a lot of things "count" or get extra movement out of them... like when I line dry clothes, I take the basket outside & I will take out one item, walk to the end of the line, pin it, then walk back to the basket, get one item again, etc... it may be silly, but I am forcing myself to walk more and further.

I cut out all refined foods from my diet as well.
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