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Would you try for another VBAC if...

I'll spare the details, but I'll be having my third baby around the end of May.

My first was a c-section at 39w4d because I had pre-eclampsia, failed induction (15 hours I got to 1cm), and was simply miserable from all the medicine and finally caved. She was perfectly healthy (they did blow a little oxygen in her face, but her APGARS were 8 and 9). I was a horrid mess of PPD and PTSD for nearly two years when I got pregnant again...

I did my own prenatal care since no one in my area accepted VBACs. My original plan was an unassisted birth, but my intuition kicked in at the last minute and we transfered to the hospital. 5 hours later my son was born by VBAC, but it was hardly a victory. I was 42w4d and he was 11lb 9.2oz (as you can see in my siggy ) He was born with severely hypoxic (lack of oxygen) and his shoulder got caught causing a Brachial-Plexus Injury, leading to his arm not working right. He is now 2 and it's hardly noticable, but we still work on it whenever we can to make it perfect. His APGARS were 1 and 2, the 1 being only his faint heartbeat, the nurse kept asking if she should call Code Pink, which I later found out was stillbirth He spent 17 days in the NICU because he also inhaled meconium and simply had so much trouble breathing. He finally got to nurse at 14 days because there wasn't a tube down his throat (I was pumping every two hours 6x a day and he was getting it through a feeding tube, which I am SO thankful for).

I'm so afraid to give birth again. I can't deal with PPD again because of a c-section, but I also don't want to have the horrific birth like my son had to go through. Should I try for a VBAC (I'll GLADLY take an induction simply for being overdue) or should I just go for the c-section and hope I make it through the recovery?
~Rhonda, 23 Single Mama to my beauties Angelique 4-9-08 And Krystopher Edmund 9/14/10 11lbs 9.2oz VBAC babe!

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