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Re: Baking Soda gender prediction test

Originally Posted by Fishie Kisses View Post
any amount of fizz is supposed to mean boy

It was definitely correct for me with DS3. We already knew his gender when I first stumbled upon this test, but it foamed like a beer. With this one I did it at 5w1d and there was not a single bubble. Did it again at 7w0d and it was fizzy, but not foaming. So, not sure at what point in pregnancy it's "accurate". Most of these tests I think aren't "correct" til after 10 weeks, so I will try again in 3 weeks and probably "believe" that answer
That answers my question! So 10wks is the sweet spot? I'm gonna have my sister try just to see if it doesn't fizzle, she's 32wks with a girl I have a huge feeling I'm carrying a girl, really gonna have to try that now!
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