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Re: Would you try for another VBAC if...

((big hugs)). My first son was a traumatic birth. Homebirth, shoulder dystocia, oxygen deprivation, resusitation, and brachial plexus injury as well. (a video I just posted on here of when my son turned 2 of his journey... ). He is 5 now and we are still learning with Lefty and working super hard in therapies... he never regained some movements and is limited in others. He is an awesome boy though!

ANyway, inductions are being shown to increase your risk of shoulder dystocia. And mama, you are around 7x more likely to experience another shoulder dystocia because of your previous one. With those odds, I can say I would (and did) a c-section.

I've had 3 babies since my oldest and they've all been c-sections. All my boys got bigger with each one, though I gained the least and was in much better health with them (9.8, 10.3, and then 12.2). With that and all of my first son's issues (Lefty and the developmental help he needed later on), I am thankful for my c-sections. It's sooo different having a healthy baby! I remember being sad about that first c-section, but also amazed that my baby was moving his arm and breathing and I didn't have to worry about him, or take him to therapies, or deal with surgeries! It changed my attitude about c-sections quite a bit.

I wonder if you were more prepared for a c-section, if you would experience no or less PPD. Especially after the trauma from #2. There are things I learned after my first c-section that made my other ones better for healing during that post-partum time (ie: walking tons, freezer meals, having help, staying on pain meds, etc).

((big hugs)). I know it is not an easy decision. And I know what an emotional rollercoaster the pregnancy after a previous traumatic birth can be.
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