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Re: Lil Shamrocks - Oct 29 to Nov 11

Originally Posted by roseyroberts View Post
Mamajewels- yay! Wish mine was tomorow! But friday is only a few more days away! Woooot!
Somebody please tell me to stay away from fsot until I know gender. I have bought 2 pairs of girly longies..and 3 girly covers....cause I am convinced it's going to be another then why did I turn around and buy a nb wool boy set too?? Because I really , really want ds to have a brother...and I really, really want to do girly cd's cause I haven't done that yet. I need a set of boy/girl twins. Yep! Thats what I need! Lol!
I bought a ton of newborn wool that is gender neutral but more boy then girl and now it's another GIRL! I guess I will just have to get some bows that match the wool!

QOTW: Besides your family/pets, what are 3 items you'd save from your home in the event you had to evacuate?
I would grab the family safe that houses all our important docs, my computer and the box of baby things from my girls that has picture books and tiny newborn things including our handmade baptism dresses.

Over here I am doing pretty good physically but really short on patience. I have never been that patient of a person but now I am kinda feisty I find myself getting frustrated with the public and their dozens of twin comments. I hate the fact that people are STILL teasing me that this pregnancy might be twins. ( my last loss was a second set of twins so I am pretty sensitive about the subject. ) Oh and I really hate the comments I am getting about a third girl. My in-laws were rude about it, my hubby is the last boy in the line so they are mad that we have not had a boy yet to "pass on the name". I, in so many words, told them to bite me! Okay mama vent over!
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