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Re: Would you try for another VBAC if...

AniMommy- That is interesting! I wonder how they differentiate PTSD and PPD from the grieving process??? I feel like you go through the stages of grief when you have a birth (or child) like this. When it's traumatic or not "typical" and what one expected. I know even now I'll experience a different room in the grieving house every now and then with what happened...
So glad it's helped in your second pregnancy! Good for you for not burying all those emotions deep down and instead, dealing with them when you did.

I also think, LilyIvy, that you should be voicing all your concerns to someone who will listen to you... whether it's your therapist, a loved one, etc. Especially when you have those panicky moments creep up on you and you let your thoughts wonder to "what ifs or what if next times". It will help that anxiety even if it doesn't fully take it away. Turn to your beliefs if you have them. After I started having those anxiety attacks with 2's pregnancy, I also started digging deep into The Word and memorizing scriptures about fear and peace. That really helped!
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