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4 months pp and still in pain

I'm 4 months pp and still am in pain in my abdomen and pubic region. it feels like a muscle problem. I carried my baby really low and was really small but gained 50 lbs. I have told doctors about this but they all day everything looks fine up there. would they know if something was seriously wrong with my muscles through a pelvic exam? and is there anything that could be seriously wrong with my muscles? it sucks because my baby is high needs so I try to wear her a lot but I can't a lot of days, she likes to kick me where it hurts while we are sleeping and it sucks. after she was first born for the first 2 months I couldn't walk, I hadto use the electric carts at the grocery store. everyone I talk to send to be fine after birth when their tearing heals. I didn't even tear. My baby was born with a nuchal arm I think it's called, could that have done anything. thanks for listening!
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