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Re: Blessed with children, Struggling for more Week of October 29th

Originally Posted by Love4leon View Post
Good Morning everyone! I sure hope that this week goes easier on everyone.

I have my FET on Friday! I started progesterone yesterday.
Yay! Good luck!

AFM, the RE called today with some of my lab results. Dh is fine, how the heck did that happen? I don't even know. He had the same infusion he had last year that killed everything but now he's fine, how the heck? But they said it could still happen in 60-90 days so who knows. Anyway, he also got some results on me. BUT dh took a message and I didn't get to ask what any of it meant, so hopefully you ladies can help me make sense of his notes. All I know is he said something about the RE calling another specialist to talk about it, and possible heprin (sp?) injections. IDK I wish I had talked to him. But I have severe anxiety about phones so dh usually fields all the calls and didn't even think to ask if I wanted to talk to him.
Here is what the notes say:
Antiphspholipid IGG Normal
IGM 15 or under normal, I"m 24

AntiCardo Lipid antibody

IGG Normal under 10 I"m 4 so normal
IGM should be below ten, I'm 86!
iga should be below15, I"m 3.
Usually two of those are elevated so you treat with heparin or steroid, but with only one elevated and crazy high elevated, not sure how to proceed.
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