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Re: I'm pregnant! (not going to stick)

Originally Posted by erin_c_odonnell View Post
Like pp I wondered if they were giving you progesterone? My levels were that low at 7.5 weeks and they put me on progesterone and he's now 9 month old.
Originally Posted by JCPACandMommy View Post
Oh Lisa I'm so sorry...have they thought about putting you on progesterone to help implanting and maintaining the pregnancy?
Progesterone wasn't mentioned. I spoke to the nurse who spoke to the dr. and asked her if there was anything we could do to stop this and she said no. Then I started searching online and saw about progesterone supplements. So then I called back but because the impending hurricane, the office closed early and they will be closed at least through tomorrow. My hope is that things will hold tight until the office can open again. I'm trying to stay hydrated because I read that can help with things. My only other option would be to go to the hospital, but honestly with the flooding, that would be foolish and dangerous.

I am so angry about all this. I got pregnant with DD without even 'trying' and everything was textbook, from conception through birth and now 5 years later, I can't seem to make it stick. Just unbelievable.

Well my power just blinked out and came back. I should probably post this now.
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