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Re: Lotto- FFS Alva Pocket Diaper

This is a super generous offer mama! Thanks, and yes, I'd love to enter

Not sure if you'd like to know what's the worst thing that's happened to me personally since I've cloth diapered, or the worst thing that happened with the diapers, so I'll give you a short version of each just in case.

The worst thing that happened to my sons stash of diapers was recent actually. (I posted in the ISO a bit back of this story) The sitter (my mom) watched him all day, and had a bag of dirty diapers. She had them set next to the door when I picked him up, so I can easily get them. Well, my dad thought it was a bag of garbage, and took the bag out and burned it!!! Worst part was they were nice FB diapers and his favorite "bug diaper" was in there as well! To top all of that, he had 2 cute outfits that also went and got burned to pieces as well I only had a few pair of pants, and so it was pretty upsetting and they aren't financially stable to help with the cost of rebuilding the stash.

As for the worst thing that's happened to me personally since I've been cloth diapering was back in January when I had a miscarriage. I would have been due on my daughters birthday. It was a difficult miscarriage (as any would be).

There is a possiblity I could be pregnant right now.....I feel the same symptoms as I did when I lost the last one. I'm pretty scared, and it's too early yet to get a good test to know for sure. I'll know in the next few days though, and I'll be seeing my MW right away if I am. I'll need to get testing as this last mc was my 2nd one.
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