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Re: Anyone else leave their childbearing up to God?

Baby #4 is here! He is just as precious as can be and the birth was everything I had hoped and prayed for (shorter labor, water rupturing naturally, etc). As previously posted, DH had been thinking maybe this should be our last baby. I was really sad about it but tried not to put any pressure on him over it. Well, last night while diving home from DH's parents' house (where we'd been discussing family vacation), he said "I like the idea of doing a big family vacation every other year. We can do it next year because you won't be pregnant and then that'll give us a year off the next year to have another kid.". I asked if he meant that and he said yes. I guess he doesn't feel done either. I'm SO happy!! I'm not sure that I'll be ready for #5 in 2 years... I might need a bit more time, but I am thrilled that DH feels the desire for another.
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