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Mine were still VERY tender about four months out. It took me lots of time and kegels and some abdominal strengthening to heal up. You can google The Tummy Team and email the gal there about videos or local resources. Part of the problem for me was a separation of the abdominal muscles, which is relatively common in pregnancy and can contribute to back pain, pelvic pain and digestive issues. And if you do have a separation there are specific exercises you can do to repair it rather quickly - but most common abdominal exercises (like sit ups or crunches or even planks) actually make it worse unless you heal it first.

I'm 18 months out now and fully healed up. So there's hope! ((hugs)). But I vividly remember how difficult that pain was, and many times wished that I had just had a repeat cs instead of a vbac, bc the pelvic floor pain lasted WAY longer than my cs recovery. But now that it's healed I feel more objective. :-)
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