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I stayed home when our second was born. I went to work when my oldest was a year old because we moved to a place that cost more (figured out after moving that we could have afforded me continuing to stay home, but I was already in the rat race at that point. I regret that a lot, looking back). So anyway, my second child was born when my oldest was 5 and during that pregnancy we decided I wouldn't be going back to work and we would be starting homeschool for our oldest. So thats what happened. My dh went on the hunt for a higher paying job and found one fairly quickly (by the grace of God!) And o started learning how to scrimp and pinch the budget. I now garden and freeze/can to save money, I started cd to save money, I know how to make an entire healthy meal for a family of 5 for under $5 total. There are learned skills that make it all doable, and its definitely not the easiest way, but its totally worth it!

Plus, after doing some research, I've found that if I was working my old job now, we'd be worse off than we are with me not working because the cost of child care for all the kids would be more than my income. I know you said you and your husband were able to avoid that in your old situation, but that is something many families have to figure out, so I thought I'd mention it.
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