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I cannot say what you should do, but with those experiences I would opt for a csection. I was much less depressed with my 2c/s, though it was after a failed induction/VBAC attempt. I worked through a lot of my feelings before and switched to a dr I trusted more. Actually, I wasn't depressed at all the 2nd time. I could objectively see where things *might* have gone better with different choices, but I didn't beat myself up.

With our 3rd on the way, I'll likely end up opting for a RCS for hubby's comfort. My doc has offered me a more baby-centered "natural" csection since he knows I've always wanted a natural birth. He will lower the drape as they pull T out, then immediately put him on my chest for skin-to-skin & breast feeding in the OR.

I've never had to deal with complications for me and the baby after. I've never had my baby had to go to the NICU. I definitely see how all of that makes your decision even harder ((HUGS)).
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