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Ex violated our visitation agreement

When we created our visitation agreement a stipulation was put in that he was to notify me of any CPS cases he has and visitation would revert back to supervised until the case was closed as unfounded. If it was an indicated report, then we'd head back to court & figure out long term supervised visits.

Yesterday I received a call letting me know he has an open case that's 2 months old. He did not inform me of it.

Is it worth it to file a violation? My concern is that he's not following our agreement and what of something serious pops up & he doesn't feel the need to tell me? By "worth it" I mean will anything be done? Or will the judge just say "you have an agreement, follow it".

The case was for not properly feeding the kids (which is true, he has a history of that), aggression towards the kids (he's been to parenting classes over this) and the condition of the home (which is yucky)but meets NY's *minimum*...meaning there's no feces on the walls/carpets, there are not flies crawling on everything (he has like 10 fly strips hanging in his kitchen), there is no rotting food on the dishes in the sink & counters and there's a clear path through the house in all the trash/clutter.

I'm sick of having to send my daughter with a backpack of food because her dad can't/won't feed her. I'm sick of his house being gross & having to send my daughter over there (she has peed her pants on a couple of occasions because she refused to use his toilet because it was so icky). I'm hoping the courts will do something if CPS can't/won't. I have pictures of the shouldn't something be done? I mean if CPS is in his house multiple times a year over the condition of it, can't I refuse to send her there? I'm not refusing visits, I'm just refusing to send her there (he could take her to his sisters, his cousins, his aunts, etc).
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