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Thanks...she loves her dad & he's the type to say "if I can't see her on my terms, I won't see her at all", which is going to kill her. He has 3 other kids living in the household (they're from his first marriage) so I worry about the conditions they're living in as well. I try to sit down & discuss it with him, but since CPS has only given him 1 indicated/founded report & the rest are unfounded, he thinks he's doing nothing wrong. They go in there and tell him to clean it up.

This is the toilet she refused to use. My daughter has been potty trained since before she was 2 (she's 4 1/2 now).
Click image for larger version

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This is the sink where they are suppose to wash their hands/brush their teeth/etc.
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The bathtub.
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The rest of the house is similar to the bathroom. The kitchen has that icky grey film to it that feels unclean when you touch it. CPS comes in & tells them to clean it up & then months later it's back to the same thing. I'm hoping I can show a judge the pictures and maybe he can do something about it??
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