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Re: Ex violated our visitation agreement

Wow. That is DISGUSTING. I am a self-admitted germ-a-phobe, so I know I take things to extremes sometimes, but there is NO WAY I would ever allow a child of mine to be in those conditions...for a visit, or otherwise. Jeez...that makes public restrooms look sanitary! I've never been through custody battles/visitation agreements either (except when my parents went through it with us, but that was easy b/c my dad didn't want us..ha), but I would definitely throw the biggest fit and cause the biggest scene about it (without making yourself look like a crazy lady) as possible. There is absolutely no reason that any child should have to live in those circumstances, and I know there are lots of poor little ones who have it much worse, but fortunately for your daughter, both of her parents aren't that way. mama, I hope you can get this all worked out!
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