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My issue with refusing visits is that I violate our agreement and I was told that if I did it enough I could end up losing placement of her. So obviously I'm scared of that. But I think it's at the point where someone has to do something and maybe a judge can? I understand his reports are not founded, but there's a history of CPS going in there & telling him to clean it up, so that has to mean something in court right? Maybe show that he cleans it up just for CPS?

We bought the house on a land contract 4 years ago from his grandma (who has since passed away) so I believe his aunt & great aunt are in control now...I sent his aunt a message and included the pictures to see if there's anything she can do about it. Maybe tell him to keep it clean or he has to get out?

Either way I'm filing papers for court today over this. He's not listening to me or CPS when they tell him to get it clean and keep it clean.
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