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Re: Jaundice and formula/breastfeeding

It really bothers me how quick some doctors are to suggest a "remedy" that could easily sabotage a brand new breastfeeding relationship. I understand the dangers of high bili levels, but the first few days of breastfeeding are crucial. Not only is the baby likely to develop nipple confusion switching from breast to bottle, but mom's milk isn't going to come in very well if the baby isn't nursing CONSTANTLY. And it just KILLS me every time I hear a new mom say she doesn't make enough milk, only to find out the first few days the baby got several bottles of formula.

For me, my response would depend entirely on how high the levels were and how quickly my milk comes in. A couple of my babies had "moderately high" bili levels, but my milk came in quickly and I put them in the sun as often as possible. My babies were fine. Doctors act like formula is the only way to get rid of the bili, but as long as the baby is getting milk, he's going to be fine.

If the bili levels were high, I would insist on using those bili lights first and then use the straw nipple thing others mentioned. Only as a last resort would I give my baby a bottle.
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