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I had an aortic valve replacement 8 years ago with a donated human valve. As a result my last 4 babies since the replacement have had serious jaundice. This is due to some weird antibodies I now make as a result of the human valve. I am not talking borderline or med levels, but high levels of bilirubin.

They have all had to be on home phototherapy or 1-2 weeks. I have NEVER given them formula to hurry it along. My milk was in by day 2-3 and is much better nutrition than formula. My ped only suggested it once and I shot him down quickly. I am not an uneducated mom, I am a pediatric nurse.

The reason they say they get over it quicker with formula is because they poo more with formula because there is so much undigestable stuff in it that it creates much more waste than breast milk which is much more digestable. I am not willing to do that to my baby for a quicker Recovery of jaundice. We just nursed as much as they would. We would undress to rouse If need be.

I think too many pediatricians are quick to say formula.

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